Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7/12/11 Whew!

I swear I must have walked 40 miles this past weekend!  But that's OK - I was warned. 

Friday was Randy's & mine 5th anniversary & he secretly planned a trip to Canada for us.  Friday night we had dinner (so gooooood but so expensive!!)  in the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls & watched the fireworks over the Falls.  Amazing!! Later as we relaxed in the jacuzzi - he told me we were only staying there one night.  :o

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the podunk little diner we found while there on our honeymoon & then left for Toronto.   We valet parked the car in the dungeon (they used a car elevator!!!) and then rode on the subway to Casa Roma (a former private castle) and walked around there (lots of stairs!) and then took the subway to this stop where years ago Randy had discovered the wonders of Tim Horton's.  Of course we couldn't find it, so we walked around this mall for an hour or so looking for it.  Back on the subway & then off again to walk to 99 - Wayne Gretzky's restaurant.  And of course up 3 flights of stairs to the rooftop patio!  Then back down & across town to a comedy club.  A stop at Timmy's for the walk back to the hotel & then a soak in the jacuzzi again. 

Sunday we walked to the CN Tower & did the tourist thing.  Rode up to the SkyPod, 1465 feet up!!  Amazing!!  Then onto the glass floor observation room...talk about heart-stopping! Then we left & checked out of the hotel & went to the Toronto Zoo.  OMG.  That zoo is not for the seriously out-of-shape !!  They have some really steep hills to some of the displays.  But it was nice.  It was warm but overcast, so we didn't have the sun beating down on us. 

Randy had a hard time on the hills, but I did OK.  I was so happy that my knee didn't bother me, since I'd spent last Tuesday & Wednesday wearing my knee brace.  Darn thing anyway. 

So I'm glad I've been walking a lot lately - that really helped!! 

I think Randy may be seeing the light, too.  He did good with all the walking until the zoo - so we took a lot of breaks for him & I made sure we both drank a lot of water.  And he wasn't too happy that he had to squeeze into the booth at the little Chinese restaurant we had dinner at last night.  Plus how out of breath he was mowing the yard last Thursday before we left.  Maybe he'll want to do something about it! (fingers crossed!)

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