Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Love Critters - Volume 2


Chester is a rescue from the Humane Society.  We wanted a second cat and I promised Randy that I'd wait until we were in the house for 6 months.  The vet recommended a female since we already had a male, so I searched the MHS site & noted some prospects.  Randy was in Arkansas that July and Angel was up north with Linda, so I went alone to choose - and to make it a surprise for both of them.

I was disappointed in the cats I went to look at.  They didn't impress me at all.  I walked by a cage & a pair of orange paws shot out & reached for me.  I stopped & played with "Kevin" for a minute & then walked on.  But every time I went near, those paws came out.  Finally I asked if I could see him in a pet room.  He sat on my lap and purred and rubbed against me.  I couldn't NOT take him home!  Chester chose me.

Yes - his name got changed as soon as we brought him home & he ate a Cheetoh.  And he has a huge head. 

Chester is also known as "the Informer".  If you can ~ OMG ~ see the bottom of the food bowl or the water dish is empty - he will come bother ME!  Not the girl who he insists on going to sleep with every night.  Not his pillow-person Randy.  ME! 

Chester is also the trouble-maker. He will walk up to Skeeter, straddle him & bite his head.  Skeeter will just lay there & yell.  He loves to fight with socks.  Randy can smack him around with a pair of socks & Ches loves it!

He's not gotten along well with Maggie since day 1.  They have sort of an uneasy truce now. 

 Mr. Nosy
 Helping Randy hook up the TV.
 He allows Angel to manhandle him.
 I think it comforts him to snuggle with Skeeter.
 He's the only one who shows an interest in Mr. Clean.
 He's our mighty hunter!  He caught mice even when we didn't know we had any!

 Nothing is safe from being Chester-fied. 
btw - that's not a mop.  It's the dog's rope toy.

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