Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Love Critters - Volume 3

This is Jack.  He is probably the most expensive free dog EVER! 

One of the girls I used to work with called me one day.  Her Mom's neighbor had a Beagle puppy they wanted to find a new home for, because their Great Dane kept using him for a chew toy.  She'd remembered me telling her that Randy grew up with Beagles.  We had a conference & decided to take the puppy.  This was early December 2004.   

We hadn't even had him for 3 weeks when he got sick.  Oh, and of course the first morons "couldn't find" his papers.  I never cared if he was pure-bred or not - I suspect not anyway.  I wanted his medical records to know for sure that her was up to date on his shots.  Again - I suspect not.  I took him to the vet who then sent him to the animal hospital.  He had parvo - which is a potentially life-threatening virus in dogs.  The poor little guy was in isolation for 3 days because it's very contagious.  We went every day to visit and had wear paper gowns & gloves & then step in bleach on the way out. Oh yeah - that was probably $1800 for that little visit.

He obviously recovered & we brought him home 2 days before Christmas.  When then he promptly got into a Christmas stocking and ate a LOT of chocolate.  If that happened now, we probably wouldn't worry, since he eats everything.  But he was a sick little puppy who'd already wiggled his way into our hearts.  Randy looked online & found that 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide will induce vomiting in dogs.  And it works just fine, too!  

He was so funny the first time he met one of Laurie's horses.  I took him to the barn with me & went in Captain's stall to visit.  Jack followed, nose to the ground like he does and came nose to hoof with Captain.  He stopped and looked at that hoof, which was probably huge to him, and then I could see him slowly lift his head and climb Captain's legs with his eyes.  Captain had his head down, looking, too.  As soon as Jack realized that was a huge living thing looking back at him & acted surprised & ran out of the stall.   It was so funny!  but he's totally OK with all the horses now.

Those eyes are so expressive!  I watched him checking out the Christmas tree one year.  He was just sniffing all the ornaments he could reach so I let him do his thing, but kept an eye on him.  At one point he stopped with his nose against an ornament and I could see his eyes follow the chaser lights as they went in front of him - it was so funny because he got so still & just looked. 

Anyway, we should have called him Hoover because he vacuums up any food that my hit the floor.  And heaven forbid the cat food is where he can reach it!!  He loves to go for walks & to play with his cousin / girlfriend Morgan.   He doesn't quite know what to think of small dogs.

Baby Jack - how can you NOT love that face???!!!
btw - that orange nubby ball right there is the ONLY toy he has never managed to destroy.  

This is how he entertains himself in the yard.

When I'm home alone - he will sit in the bedroom doorway & look out at the back door. 
Like he's guarding me.

You. Will. Give. Me. Food. 

Nananana BAT DOG!!!
Watching Daddy eat.
Morgan & Jack watching Grandpa.  
Ninja dogs will allow nothing to hit the floor!

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