Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I will not win Mom-of-the-Year !!

Last Saturday, Miss Angela decided she wanted to watch the Exorcist.  OK - that kicked me out of the Mom-of-the-Year running right there - because I let her!  (remember, she'll be 14 in 2 months)

She'd been watching it for a good 45 minutes when she wandered into my bedroom (yes - I also let her watch it alone!) and told me it was rather boring.  I asked her what year it was made.  She went & looked.  1973.  Neat - the year I was born!  I told her that (gulp) old movies aren't all blood & gore & slashers like they are now.  They're scarier because you have to use your imagination.

So she went back to the living room.  Probably 1/2 hour later she was back.  Apparently she found a scary part!  She came in & said "Mom....I knew there was a reason I don't like to watch scary movies after dark!!".  She had already turned it off.  I told her I hope she didn't need to sleep in my bed!  She said no.  But then asked if she could sleep on the couch.  LOL!  But first I told her to watch something happy so it wasn't so fresh in her mind.

So last night after dinner, she asked if I would watch the rest of the Exorcist with her.  So I did.  I'd never seen all of it myself, just bits & pieces - like the girl's head spinning around & the green projectile vomit. 

I took great joy in freaking her out - bad mommy!!  In one scene before the big exorcism scene at the end, Father Karras is breaking the bread for communion.  OK, I was raised Catholic, so I knew the scripture he was reading and proceeded to say the lines before the actor did.   Angel looked at me with her eyes like saucers & asked however did I know what he was going to say???  She was so amazed!  I just waggled my eyebrows at her & finished the scripture.  I finally laughed & told her what he was doing and why I knew it.  She is so funny!

I think she may be done with scary movies for a while.  Altho I think she's intrigued with the thought of part II.......

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