Friday, April 12, 2019

#AtoZChallenge - Lilacs & other spring flowers

Hi, Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz! I'm doing a pretty random theme this year - things that make me happy / are guilty pleasures / whatever makes me... ME!

I love spring!  I love the days getting longer and warmer, seeing the robins come back to bop around my yard.  Hearing the birds singing when I get up for work in the morning.  Seeing things start to turn green and!

As mentioned in my J post, I love plants and that means gardening, too.  I mainly have perennials, but later in the spring, I'll fill my planters with annuals.  

Across the shady, east-facing front of my house, I currently have a variety of tulips & daffodils making their presence known.  Soon the hostas will be filling in.   I also have crocuses out in the lawn.  They're weird that they bloom in waves of color.  Orange, then white, then purple. 
This was taken a couple days ago - sadly the crocuses are now past their prime. 

Along the side of my house - it faces south and gets direct sun most of the day, I have a patch of irises that are going nuts right now, 2 mini (yellow & pink) roses, 3 full sized roses (pink, white & red) a mum, some tiger lillies, a purple coneflower and a balloon flower.  And a good scattering of tulips and hyacinths. 
I was so excited to see a mess of pure white hyacinths blooming!  I took this yesterday (Thursday)  I love the smell of these so much and I didn't even have to bend over - there was a literal cloud of scent around them!

So it's a bit early for much else to be showing yet, so the rest of these pics are from other years. 
 Our purple lilac was growing up into our crabapple until we trimmed it back.  
The yard smells *amazing* when they're both blooming!
 My irises stayed for a really long time last year. 
 I love the color of the daffodils. 
When we moved into the house, the realtor told us the cherry tree in the side yard was mostly dead, but it bloomed so beautifully every year for a good 14 years (and produced sour cherries that we happily let the birds get) before it did actually die.  In 2017, I got a new cherry tree for Mother's Day.  It's still just a baby, but there are some plump little buds on it.  
 Even the dandelions & wild violets growing in the lawn make me happy!
bootle beetle smelling GIF
This is actually me - we also have a trellis that's covered with some variety of verbena and it puts out large, lacy white flowers that I never fail to stick my nose in and get my face covered in pollen. 



  1. Loved you colourful post of petals and Nature. Here it is summer and despite scorching heat, there are flowers of colourful hues blooming. They are a treat to the eyes. You have a green thumb and gardening is therapeutic.

  2. Lovely pictures. It must be wonderful living amidst such beauty. I am glad to know that your cherry tree lasted 14 years even if the realtor predicted that it was dying. I especially love the tulips :)

  3. Your garden is so beautiful. I also like flowers and their colour-smell gives out so much inspiration. I have a small balcony with lovely seasonal flowers. I water them regularly though I don't know their names. My gardener looks after them once a week.

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful garden. The pictures are lovely.


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