Saturday, January 7, 2012

A-Z Challanege in April

Occasionally I will check out the "Blogs of Note" tab on my Blogger Dashboard and see what kind of weird blogs 'the Team', whoever they are, has compiled.  Looks like they pick a new blog to feature every day or so.  Anyway, some of them are slightly eyebrow raising, as in "who the hell would follow this crap?".  Others I will read a few posts.

Then I saw the Blogging from A to Z April Challange blog.  of course I checked it out.  It's pretty simple.  You post every day for the month of April except for Sundays.  The theme starting with that day's letter of the alphabet.  So I think I'm going to sign up.

The problem is.....I have 3 blogs. 
First there's this one.  My first blog.  Quite obviously - random stuff that flutters in & out of my mind.
2nd is The Life of Lisa - which is all about my journey thru weight loss.
3rd is my Maple Grove Cemetery - which is where I concentrate my love of all things Halloween.

They all have different topics, so would it be too ambitious to sign up all 3? I do have a family, life & job who all require attention. And it seems that most people who do this challenge are aspiring writers or are already published writers.  I'm not either. I write because I can. And if other people read it....YAY!  {{hugs}}  Unless you consider the poem (written in 1988!!!) that I submitted to and was published in their annual book that is probably only sold to those who actually sent in pieces.  I was pretty proud of that poem, tho.

On the other hand - sign up isn't until January 30, so I don't even know if they'll let me enter all 3!  


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