Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back on track!!

This is the sweater I got myself for Christmas.  I've worn it to work twice & have gotten tons of compliments on it.  Guess I should wear funky prints more often!!
 I was pretty happy to begin my downward trend at weigh in tonight.  -.8 lbs.  That's OK - I'll take it!!  Have to start somewhere!
I set the alarm on my phone to go off 3 times a day to remind me to track my food and also as a reminder to take my AM/PM daily cleanse tablets.  I figured I needed a good detox after the holiday season feeding frenzy.  Anyway, the alarm is really helping to remind me to track.  YAY!!!
I almost had heart failure last night!  We stopped at Wendy's for dinner.  I got a grilled chicken sandwich, small fries & a Sprite. (OK and the smallest possible Frosty.)  I really thought I made pretty decent choices, seeing as how I REALLY wanted a Baconator.  I got home and plugged it all into my eTools & almost fainted.  31 points!!!!  I am so glad that all my weekly points reset today, since I only had like 6 left for the week!!  
I also put in some time on the Wii Fit last night, too.  I did 10 minutes free walking & another 25 doing yoga.  Not a whole lot I know, but more than just sitting on the couch!
Some other drama in the Love Shaque...I got a call from the principal at the girl's school Tuesday afternoon.  She'd gotten into a fight with another girl between classes!!!  So when I got to the school, first I made sure she was OK, since he said she'd been pretty shook up.  Then she told me her version of the story.  She was at a friends locker after 4th hour and this brat basically told her to move, she needed to talk to the friend.  Of course Angel got snotty right back, so the brat shoved her.  So it became a shoving & hair pulling match.  The principal told me that there had been words between them last Friday & it just festered.  Anyway, they both got 3 day suspensions. She wasn't even allowed to go to practice for dance team!  I personally wish that Angel had gotten a couple more good hits in, since it sounds like that brat needed it.  She's one of those people who are just unfriendly & nasty to everyone.   Does that make me a bad Mom??   But anyway....I've gotten a lot of stuff done around my house these last 2 days!!  All my laundry done & folded yesterday.  Trash taken out, her sheets changed & a variety of other minor stuff done today.  Tomorrow I think I'll just have her concentrate on studying for exams next week and gathering together a bunch of stuff to donate.
 WOOHOOO!  Congrats to Jimmy Howard on 100 career wins & Coach Babcock on 400 career wins!!  LOL, I had the Red Wings game on.   I love my laptop!

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