Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st weigh in of 2012!

OK, it was Thursday night, but I didn't get to post then!  I love my new laptop that Randy got me for Christmas, but all my pics are still on the desktop!  Pppth.

Anyway, I was up .4 lbs.  I'm actually quite happy with that, since I was expecting a whole lot worse!  And I was expecting the meeting to be packed, but it wasn't too bad.  There were a few new people and one who'd been going the first time I'd started!  So I chatted with her for a few minutes before leaving. 

We had a sub leader.  He wasn't one of the most exciting person I've ever heard speak, but he did had a bit of dry humor that nobody (except me!) caught.  He stood in front of the room and just said..."I'm not Carol".  I cracked up but everyone else just had blank looks on their faces.  My favorite quote of the evening?  "Everyone is here for one of two reasons.  To get healthy or to get hot."  LOL!!  Love it!  Personally, I'll take both.

Anyway, we did a acrostic poem (I had to ask the girl / look up the name of that - LOL!) for the word BELIEVE.  It's pretty inetersting.

B - believe you can (lose 1 lb this week)
E - extend it (1 lb per week times 10)
L - live it (set reminders on phone to remind me)
I - inspire yourself  (I really need to find my Navy photo album when I was pre-childh!!)
E - embrace the new you (love the progress)
V - visualize your success (picture what I'd look like and feel like at goal)
E - erase the past (try to forget old habits)

So anyway - these are the most recent pics of me.  At least while I'm not doing anything dorky.

I can't believe I didn't have the photographer delete this one. 
The idea was cute, but I had no idea that I had old lady jowls!!!

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