Saturday, January 28, 2012

The A to Z Challenge

I don't normally peruse the "Blogs of Note" section on my Blogger dashboard, but one day in early January I did. 

I found the April 2012 A - Z Blogging challenge.  I was intrigued & read all about it.  Basically, if you don't count Sundays, most years there are 26 days in April.  The challenge is to post every day, but with an alphabetical theme.  So starting April 1 (this is the only Sunday you need to post this year), your topic should begin with A.  April 2 is B.  April 3 is C.  And so on.

After much thought, I've decided to sign up.  With all 3 of my blogs. I still haven't decided if I am totally nuts, or just really ambitious.  But it should be fun.   

Although it's not necessary - I have already planned what my topics will be.  I made up a spreadsheet with a tab for each blog.   Then made a column with a general word for the topic. The next column was more detail about that topic. I'm sure I'll start actually writing them soon & schedule the posts for the appropriate date.  

So wish me luck and why don't ya'll join in?


Maple Grove Cemetery- for all things Halloween
The Life of Lisa - my weight loss journey
Random Ramblings  - just randomness

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