Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Let me toss out there right away that this is just a daydream.  If this was real, I would probably be a crazy mixture of excited & terrified.  I probably would have wet myself at least once - so far.


So the "brilliant" higher-up asshats at Randy's work thought it would be a wonderful cost-saving measure to move all the employees out of one wing of the building and crowd them in with everyone else in the other 2 wings...just so they can turn off the lights. Not turn off the heat or A/C in that wing - just the lights.  Flippin' rocket scientists, I know.  So now instead of Randy's cube being at the far end of the wing, he's right between the elevators and the door to the stairs.  Loud.  He is also right next to the team leader, Kevin. 

Kevin made a comment in the midst of moving cubes yesterday that they are looking for someone to send down south to do some work for Dillard's.  Down south happens to be Little Rock.  About an hour from Hot Springs (aka - Randy's mom!)  So Randy made a half-joking comment that they should send him.  He came home last night & wondered if they'd take him seriously.  The CIO (female dog) for some reason hates Randy, so she'd either say A) Hell, no!  He's not getting anywhere near a big customer or B) Hell yeah - let's get rid of him!


So anyway.  I am perfectly OK with moving to Arkansas if need be.  I think I would possibly love it very much.  Since it's still really slow at my work, I was looking online this morning at stuff down there.  First of all - the Little Rock School District is freakin' awesome.  At least what from I saw on their website.  They have these things called magnet schools.  3 out of the 5 high schools are magnet schools.  These are schools with themed programs designed to attract students from the entire central Arkansas area.  One of these schools happens to be an Arts/Science magnet.  Let me cut & paste from their site....

Students enrolled in the Fine Arts Magnet Program select an area of emphasis from the arts - dance, drama, instrumental music, orchestra, visual art or vocal music-and follow an expanded curriculum in their specialized area.

See what I highlighted there??  I told Angel about it during one of her 14 phone random calls to me today & she literally squee'd in my ear.  So I think she'd probably be OK with moving, too, especially if she could attend a school like this!!  She may actually do well in school for once!!

Then I played around on realtor.com for a while.  OMG. Wow! 

 1896 Victorian 5 bed / 2 bath on corner lot.  $83K.
OK, so it needs a lot of work.
But I love that tower on the corner!!   
I see definite Halloween & Christmas decorating possibilities. 

 3 bed / 2 bath / 1600 sq ft.
Fireplace.  Wood Floors. 
Fenced yard almost the same size as we have now.

We paid a lot more for half the square footage of the above house here in SE Michigan.  Not anywhere near as cute, either!

Of course the wages are lower down there, too. I haven't looked at what kind of work is down there.  It's not like a I have a career here or anything.  I get a paycheck.  That's about it.

So yeah, my daydreaming includes research.  Sigh.  Get my hopes up & all excited and nothing will come of it.  Damn.

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