Friday, January 20, 2012


Just chugging right along!! Down 1.2 lbs at weigh in yesterday!!!

I really don't know why I didn't start using the alarm on my phone months ago. Its something I always have with me so it just makes sense.

The meeting yesterday was fairly interesting.  Carol talked about the 10 food items you should always have in your house.  I'd just gone grocery shopping,  so I had 7 out of the 10.
1. boneless skinless chicken breast - check!
2. unsalted dry roasted nuts - nope
3. frozen veggies - check!
4. fat free broth - check!
5. lean ground beef - check!
6. fresh basil leaves - nope
7. extra virgin olive oil - check!
8. can tomatoes - nope (but I do have fresh ones!!)
9. chicken sausage - nope
10. whole wheat pasta - check!  In fact that's all I get now.  Regular tastes funny.

So I guess I"m just going to keep doing what I'm doing. 

My sister was over tonight to go with me to watch Miss Angela dance at a basketball game- and stayed for dinner.  Mmmm crockpot lasagna!  Afterward, Angel was showing her one of the especially dorky dances on the Wii Just Dance game.  Laurie asked me if I'd tried any oft hem when no one was home.  I hadn't actually thought about it, but I might.  With the Wii, you can cheat tho.  As long as you do the arm motions, it can't tell if you move your feet, so you can just stand there. Maybe I'll just stick with my Walk At Home or WalkSlim DVDs with Leslie Sansone.

Tomorrow I get to go sit at the Palace of Auburn Hills (home of the Detroit Pistons) all day and watch herds of girls dance.  It's the Palace Classic Pom Competition.  It should be pretty neat, even if it is all pom.  The winning teams get to dance at halftime of the Pistons game tomorrow night.

Here's tonight's hiphop.  Man, I wish I could still move like this!  Angel starts out in the back center of the circle.

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