Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book 'er, Dano!

I never saw Lindsay Lohan trying not to smile in her mug shots!

So anyway....here's the scoop. Miss Angela & this girl (we will call her Hitler) at school used to be friends.  Apparently they're not anymore.  Last Friday, words were exchanged & tensions got hot.  So today, Angel was at a mutual friend's (let's call her Sweden) locker when the other girl came up & wanted to speak to Sweden privately.  Instead of moving, Angel told Hitler that whatever she had to say, she could say it in front of her.  More words were exchanged & Hitler shoved Angel.  Angel (according to witnesses) either elbowed or forearmed Hitler across the chest.  You know how loud it is when you smack skin.  Anyway, Hitler blew a gasket & started hitting & pulling hair.

So they both got a 3 day suspension from school & have to go chat with the ass't principal when they go back on Tuesday.   He wasn't mad at Angel since he knows she's generally a happy, friendly kid.  So he fully expects this not to happen again.  And neither do I.  I'm not mad at her either, since I know how you can only take so much from someone before you snap.  I understand.  We had a chat about what could have been done instead of violence.  And I feel that being suspended is punishment enough (along with a list of chores and no TV or computer while I'm at work).  Plus, I haven't heard back from Coach yet, but I can't imagine she'll be allowed to dance at the game on Thursday, either!

Am I bad Mom to wish that she'd gotten a couple more good hits in?

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