Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Well, it was cool out, but there was no wind or rain, so that makes for a good Trick Or Treat night!

Miss Angela wasn't too happy with me.  As soon as she got home from school, I took her over to Mom's & then sister Linda's house to show off her costume.  She planned on going out ToTing with her friend Jacklyn.  Which is fine - however it took 45 minutes (normally 15-20 min) to get home from Linda's and conveniently Jacklyn's mom's car was broken.  So I would have had to both drive her there & pick her up.  Then Randy was running late from work.  Tornado sirens sounded (to mark the beginning of ToT) less then 5 minutes after we got home.  Sooo, my options were to miss seeing / giving candy to the littlest kids who come out before dark?  Or do more taxi driving for the ungrateful brat, aka Little Red "Awesome" Hood? 

Needless to say....I got to see the cutest little dragon toddle up my driveway and also saw a princess go nuts running around my yard (with me envisioning her yanking out all my extension cords) while looking at my cemetery.

Actually, she really didn't seem too upset.  She stayed right out there with me in the driveway handing out candy and texting a few friends who also didn't go out.  And we seemed to have a lot more kids this year than last.  And all of them were in costume.  My favorite would have to be the girl dressed in a Whack-A-Mole game.  She was basically in a huge box with marker writing on it.  I do believe this is the same girl who was a donut and carried a Munchkin box instead of a bag.  She gets points for originality!

I don't care how old the kids are - if they're in costume and say the magic words - they get candy!!  I also don't think Randy was happy with me, since I started giving out 3 mini-candy bars to all the kids and had to ease back to 1 for the little ones & 2 for the bigger ones later, since I went thru 2 huge bags and was working on the 3rd.  I didn't leave enough for him!  Ooops!  Maybe he should have come sit outside with us instead of hiding in the house!!

 Angel & our resident candy inspector.

 Little Red Awesome Hood

 Who moonlights as a bar-maid!

 The dental assistant told me today that I was rockin' the feathers!

 My plant table with a minor skeleton infestation.

Growing my own zombie!

 Part of my apothecary.

 Big Mike took over the corner. 

 The spice rack.

 Part of the cemetery

So I'm sort of sad that it's all over.  I got a lot of compliments on Maple Grove Cemetery, which made me happy!  And I'm already thinking of things I need to do to improve upon it next year - like a fence!!!!

Almost forgot the good news!  I went into the dentist today to get my crown fixed that came off.  The assistant pulled the crown out, she cleaned it & my tooth up (got rid of old cement) and glued it back on!  Took 45 minutes and required Novacaine, but it wasn't a huge issue at all!  Whew!!!  And didn't cost me anything, either!

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