Monday, October 10, 2011

Fire Up for Fall - week 4

Woohoo!  Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  My 20 year high school class reunion was Saturday & I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had.  Not so happy about getting sick the next morning, tho.  Not the "ooof  I drank too much" type sick, more of "ooof someone poisoned me and I want to die!" type sick.  It was ugly.   I still feel nasty today.  Bonus - I sure don't feel like eating much!

Fire Up for Fall is my motivation to get my butt back in gear & lose some of said butt!  I link back to Rebecca's site and we create a nice support group!

So on to the questions...

1. What have you done this week to achieve your goals?  I actually looked back at what my original goals were to remind me. A. Loss on the scale?  I didn't weigh in due to having to take one of my fur-babies to the vet to get some teeth pulled.  I couldn't bring myself to leave him as soon as he came come.  B. Dust off the Wii?  Nope.  But I did pull up my entire cemetery & get the grass cut in the yard.  That builds up a good sweat!  C. Get out walking? Yup.  I took the dog to Holland Ponds and went on a nature walk.  It was not a leisurely walk, either.  I thought I had more time before it started to rain.  And since I don't want my car to smell like wet dog - we hurried.  D.  Cider & Donuts?  Have not bought any more!!  Same with candy corn.  None!   E.  Try a new recipe?  I have tried a couple new ones but haven't posted about them.  They received Picky-Family Approval, so they pass!

2. What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?  I went & got my hair cut Saturday & also let the stylist talk me into a deep conditioning.  Aaaah! 

3. What is your go to food or activity when you've had a bad day?  I like to either read a book or go on the computer & find funny websites.  Or go for a walk.

4. What's the last thing you did that you were really proud of?  I'm not good with small talk, so I really went out of my comfort zone and talked to people who basically ignored me in high school.  It was nice that most of them aren't the evil snobs I remember!

5. Fun Time:  What was your favorite school subject, and your least favorite? Why? I loved my English classes!  What's funny about that is my middle school (6th, 7th & 8th grade) English teachers were horrible.  But I had the best teachers ever in high school.  I just really enjoyed the classes.  My least favorite?  12th grade Chemistry.  The teacher was middle Eastern descent & really looked down on females - and even more so if you weren't popular or played sports.  So he barely acknowledged me.  Which caused me to be a mild trouble-maker in his class.  Example - he said he won't eat eggs because they come out of the butt of a chicken.  I asked if he ever kissed his daughters (Karma - he had 3 girls & no boys). 

And my positive pic for the week (in the funky top) with 2 of my high school friends taken this weekend.  I personally thought I looked pretty amazing!

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