Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm such a glutton for punishment!

Yeah, this is what my smile looks like!  Well, if it weren't for Fixodent it would, anyway!

3 weeks ago I was flossing and popped one of my crowns off - one that I'd just gotten earlier this summer!  I Fixodented (denture cream) it back in and the next day went to the dentist.  I couldn't remember exactly which tooth it was and the dentist couldn't tell, either!    So I was sent home.

2 weeks ago, it came out again.  I actually looked at it this time & it was gross.  A crown is where they grind the tooth down to a stump and "crown" it with porcelain or whatever that material is. I think my tooth stump had broken off!

But I Fixodented it again and it hasn't bothered me since, until today.  I had some lunch stuck in my teeth and was carefully using a toothpick, but I knew in the back of my mind I was going to pop the darn thing back out.  And I did.  So I got used the Fixondent ~again~ and called the dentist.  It's a good thing I thought about the coversation later, since I'd asked to come in next Monday but she'd put me down for November 14th!!  When I called back - the girl I talked to this time remembered me going in the first time, and was really concerned I was still waiting another week! 

Sigh.  I hate the dentist.  But I knew it was time to go in, since the roof of my mouth is getting slightly tender behind that tooth.  And in the 2 hours since this happened, I've had that odd coppery blood taste in my mouth, even after drinking flavored water.

So I am going to live thru the scariest Halloween ever - even worse than a clown with a chainsaw.....a dentist with a drill ! ! ! ! !  

AAARGH ! ! ! !

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  1. LOL, I asked for that day! I have a half day of work and they're located less than 1/2 mile away. I figure they're just going to look to see what's going on and I'll have to go back to be tortured. That day will suck.


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