Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fire Up for Fall - week 6

I was pleasantly surprised at WI  yesterday - I was actually down .2 lbs!  Which makes me wonder just how much I'd been down if I hadn't made a pig of myself at Friday night.   I got home from work, starving, so I had a bowl (just one!) of cereal and just as I was taking my bowl the sink, Randy texted me to say he was on his way home and after his lousy week, he deserved a big steak, tall Labatt Blue and some peanuts.  That means Texas Roadhouse!  I didn't do too bad with my choices, the smallest possible sirloin steak they offer (6 oz.), a sweet potato and side salad with low fat ranch dressing.  But then the pitfalls.  The most scrumptious hot rolls with whipped cinnamon butter.  And Angel's platter of bacon cheesy fries.  I hurt.

Afterward we went and walked around a nearby Walmart for exciting things like dog food.  We usually do that to help settle the meal after we eat at the Roadhouse.  Then we got home and I went into the living room long enough to turn on the Red Wings game, and the pull of the couch's gravity literally sucked me in.  Then our biggest cat (my baby) took advantage of the fact I was horizontal and got on me.  And he would lay on me for hours if I let him.  Anyway, I was stuck and had no desire to try to move.  Oh, and the Wings won!

On the plus side, I was on the move a lot Saturday!  Ran a few errands, went with Angel & 2 girls from her comp dance team around the neighborhood to pick up cans & bottles and then to cash them in.  Walked around a couple stores looking for specific Halloween items.  Then did some re-arranging in my cemetery.  I wasn't happy with the lighting, so things got moved around and added.

Ok, Questions, musical this week:   I am linking back to Rebecca's blog to join with others in the online support group!

1. What have you done to achieve your goals this week?
Loss on the scale?  Yes!  .2 lbs but I'll take it!
Get out he Wii?  No.  And that glowing blue LED light mocks me every time I look into the living room.
Get out walking (or using my DVDs)?  Fail.  But I did a lot of walking during different times this week.  Just not "put on shoes & sweats & go!" type walking.
No cider & donuts?  Today is the day we're going to get our pumpkins. I'll try not to give in to temptation!
New Recipe?  Somewhat.  I got pork chops from Kroger (mistake, right there!) and they were really thin cut.  I just sprinkled them with applewood smoke seasoning rub and baked them.  They weren't too bad.  The think stuff like that would be better as a sandwich.

2. What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?  Well, after THIS post... I've been plotting what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow.  I've been avoiding the more form-fitting tops I have, but I do believe they will being coming out of the drawer!!  And yesterday when I was out & about, I had on leggings & a long t-shirt in a flattering turquoise color.  I haven't worn leggings since probably high school!

3. Do you listen to music when you work out? What gets you fired up?  I like to listen to something with a beat when I walk.  I truly despise running now, but when I was in the Navy - listening to cadences really made want to move - I felt like a machine that could go & go & go. 

4. What's your guilty pleasure music? How does it make you feel?   Umm.  I confess to being an unnatural parent and actually liking a lot of the music my daughter listens to.  I think she secretly likes it, because she can talk to me about it and I know what she's talking about!  So LMFAO, Bruno Mars, Pit-Bull/NEO, Adele, etc. etc.  However, if you look at my iPod - it's a mix of old & new county and 80s hair bands and some newer rock..   It can shuffle between old George Strait, Kid Rock, Alice Cooper and Trace Adkins.  And of course, there is a LOT of Def Leppard on there!  Love my Def Leppard!

5. If today were a song what song would it be?  Oh man,  Today is a good day.  Randy is gone for the morning and Angel is still sleeping.  I have a cat purring on my lap and the sun is shining, altho it is one of the coldest mornings we've had so far this season (41 degrees F right now - and its warmed up!)  We're going to carve pumpkins tonight and that always makes for fun family time.  So I think the obvious.  The Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feeling".  Yup.

Here's my positive pic. I'm proud of myself & all the work I've put into my cemetery (this is only about 2/3 of it, too!)  There's just a few minor tweaks that I'll do today and I'll be 100% happy with it.  

The bright glowing thing in the corner of the house is a plastic blowmold ghost.  He totally needs a lower wattage bulb.  And I'm going to switch the blue flood bulb with one of the green ones, so it's more evenly lit. 

Bring on Halloween!  Oh wait.  We need to buy candy.  Crap.

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