Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weigh in and a week of outfits

OK, so I actually weighed in Thursday...I just haven't had a chance to post it until now! 

+1.0 lbs

I'm actually not really surprised.  We had to drop big BIG $$ on the girl this week between her braces and warmups for the school dance team, so Randy asked me to not make any more big purchases this week (on Tuesday!)  So my food choices were limited to what we had in the house. 

I'm rather miffed at myself, because I also got a 16 week charm from WW.  My SECOND one this time around.  And I still haven't broke into double digits.  I really need to do something.  It's insane.

On the plus side....the cabinets / fridge are really empty!   And I took the dog out for a walk while Angel was at dance Thursday and before I went to WI - the sky was amazing with some really black clouds rolling in over the colorful sun-lit trees and a triple rainbow!!!  But then it started to sleet when we were going back to the house.  Booo!

OK, so this is what all I wore to work this week.  I'm posting it here so I can get some un-biased commentary. 

This isn't the skirt I planned, but the top & boots are. 
I feel very "pirate" when I wear this skirt/boots.
I think I need to learn to pose, too. 

Dress pants & heels.

Long leather skirt (weighs like 5 lbs!) and ballet flats.

Almost leggings & chunky heels. 
I know chubby people aren't supposed to wear horizontal stripes, but I like this top!

Jean Day at work and also the Friday before Halloween.
"Death by Cheeseburger" shirt & black skeleton earrings.
I didn't' have those shoes on for work.  
Then I had on my ropers, which are lace-up (I hesitate to say cowboy) riding boots. Dark Gray.

Sooo, is there any hope for me?  I know I wear a lot of black on the bottom half.  I try to find other colors and I haven't succeeded very well.

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