Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Family Fun

 Yesterday was a nice day!  Not only was it fairly warm (mid-60s) and sunny... Randy & Angel got along!  I swear, if she didn't occasionally act like her bio dad - I'd think Randy was.  

Anyway, We went parked at the so-called cider mill (but we go there every year!!) and walked down to a little diner down the block for lunch.  Then we walked back (it was quicker than getting into the car and trying to fight traffic & construction barrels!) They have a lot of pumpkins sitting along the sidewalk and porch of the buildling and bunches of Indian Corn hanging under the roof.  So we selected our pumpkins, got a bunch of corn (for a Halloween project in progress) and a couple small gourds.

Speaking of the evil construction barrels.....

The Indian Corn was so pretty!

Being guarded by Gary the Gargoyle.

There is hardly any candid shots of this kid. 
She always knows when a camera is around!

Randy's Michael Myers impersonation.

Rockin' my "Me So Corny" lounge pants!

The finished products!

Randy discovered his looked really cool shining on the side of the house.

Friday when I left work, I stopped bt Spirit of Halloween that ~happens~ to be right around the corner.  I really didn't need anything, but since I had a coupon....I had to go look!  I got the goofy teeth that you see in mine & Randy's JOLs, some dancing skeleton gel window clings and this guy.

The is "Harry". 
And yes - he's in the back window of my car!

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