Thursday, October 6, 2011

10/6 - skipped weigh in!

I'm afraid I had to skip going to my meeting tonight.  I'll go Saturday morning to make it up.  I had to take my Skeeter boy in to the vet this morning and they ended up pulling 3 of his teeth.  He's now fang-less!  Anyway, when they put him in the carrier, I don't know if they squeezed him too hard or scared him, but much poo had come out!!  I literally had to put him in the shower and hose him off!  Luckily he was still drugged so he couldn't fight much.  He did a lot of yelling, tho!

 Whoa, Dude! 

But he's moving better now and I gave him more pain meds & also some of Maggie's canned food.  He scarfed that down!  He couldn't have food after midnight last night, so I picked it up before we went to bed.  He had to have been starved!  Poor guy!

Tonight was also Angel's first time dancing as a member of the JV dance team at school!  They ended up with almost 50 little girls for the Kids' Clinic and they all did really good!   Then the cheerleaders did a cheer (yawn - LOL!) and then the dance team went back out for a number.  It was awesome!  We are very proud!

Lindsey & Angel with some of the girls from the Clinic.

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