Thursday, November 3, 2011


Humbug, I tell you.  HUMBUG!!

I don't want to hear about Christmas.

I don't want to hear the music. 

I sure as hell didn't want to see the Halloween stuff in the store being condensed down to make room for Christmas!!  I totally understand that stores like Michael's and JoAnn's have to get stuff out early for the crafters, etc. etc. etc.

This does not mean I have to like it!!!

However, I did wander thru the holiday section at Bordine's nursery when I went there on 11/1 (for the H'ween sales!)  It's hard to resist the shiny & glitter, but most decorations I see are too over-the-top for my taste.

And on both 11/12 and 11/19 I will be going on the annual craft show trips with the sisters & Mom.

Oh, and I've had stuff in layaway for a month now.  

But I refuse to listen to the music or decorate until after Thanksgiving!!!

**stepping down off the soapbox**

Alrighty then! 

Here's a pic of the latest drama around here.

Miss Angela, who has been dancing for 9 years, on her second year of competing....tripped while walking at school and fell against a wall.  And sprained her wrist!

She called me at work yesterday - and being a parent- I see the school's number come up on my phone and panic.  She sounded like she was trying not to cry and told me what happened.  So I found my boss & told her.  Then called the doctor's office. 

A quick shout out to my work - they are so awesome for letting me leave instantly when something like this happens. I could almost hug them!

So Angel was sitting in the office when I got there with ice on it.  The bone on the pinky-side was all sticking out and her whole wrist looked swollen.  When she'd fallen, her wrist apparently cracked really loud - even the friend that was walking with her heard it.  Nasty! 

It was actually about 2 hours before I could get her in to see the doc, so we had lunch & went home.  We finally got in & the doc thought it was just sprained and sent her for x-rays.  And we got a prescription for a groovy wrist brace.  I wish I would have known this is all it was, or we would have just gotten one from CVS for 1/3 the price.  Anyway.  We drove out to BFE to get the brace from a medical supply place and while we were waiting they called with the results from the x-rays.  No fractures or breaks - WHEW !!!!

So anyway.  She's got to wear it at school & dance for 2-3 weeks to protect it.  She can take it off at night & when she's not doing anything.

Anyway.  Glad it was just her wrist!  She's got a dance convention this weekend that she's required to go to in order to compete with the studio!  The girls are all so excited for this - if you read their comments on FaceBook, you'd think it was a huge party that they're attending.   They're going to be in classes for 8am - 4pm on Saturday and 8am - 2pm ish on Sunday.  They'll be going to ballet, jazz, contemporary, hiphop & tap classes.  They'll be tired little peoples!  I paid extra for an observed bracelet so I can go into the classrooms to watch.  It'll be a long weekend, otherwise! 

Anyway....speaking of Miss Drama - its time to get her from round 1 of tonight's classes.  She's got a 2 hour 15 minute break between classes, so its silly to make her stay there! 

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