Saturday, October 15, 2011


I came across THIS article this morning that compares a regular woman (in this case - a model) with Barbie.  And then proceeds to explain all the work you'd need to have to done to attain Barbie-perfection.  Yeah - I think I'll pass on this bandwagon!

 Oh my. 

As a reminder - according to Weight Watchers, my healthy weight range (at 5'8") is 132 - 164 lbs. with a BMI of 20-25.  I confess that I am still at 217 lbs / BMI 33.  Still working on that!

Let us peruse some examples of so-called "super" models. These are from
Please - try not to gag!
 Carmen Cass.  
5'10" 114 lbs = BMI 16
Apparently posture is an option?
However, the zombie makeup is very realistic!

 Kate Moss.  
5'7" 105 lbs = BMI 16

 Laetitia Casta
5'7" & no weight listed
At least she has some curves & meat on her bones!

 Shalom Harlow
5'11" & no weight listed. 
I think she needs some tissues to fill out her top!

Stephanie Seymour
5'10" & no weight listed.
She looked better in the Guns N Roses video. 

I just did a Google search for plus-size models and there are sure a whole lot fewer of them!  Personally - I think the plus-size girls are so much more beautiful.  I don't know why modelling agencies insist on making the skinny ones look like freaks - with blue hearts painted on their faces & crazy hairstyles, etc.
These are from

 Barbara Brickner

 Gabrielle Taber

 Liis Windischmann

Tracy Stern

Anyway, although I'm on the journey to lose weight for my health & longevity - I am so happy to be a regular person!!!

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