Saturday, August 20, 2011

Secret Santa!

Yes, I know it's August.

I belong to both a Halloween & Christmas forum here on the Interwebs.  Well, on CFC - there was the annual summertime Secret Santa.  The reasoning behind having it now is that people have more time / money now than around the actual holidays.  Anyway....I just sent my giftee's package out today, but I got mine last Thursday. 

I had to laugh.  Only 11 of us were signed up for the Secret Santa and I don't know if the lady who arranged it realized that me & another person got each other's names.  So I sent a package to the same person who sent me one!  AND - we're friends on Facebook, too!  So of course I stalked his FB profile to look for ideas - and apparently he did, too!  He had commented about a pic I have of the Spirit of Detroit wearing a Red Wings jersey.  Guess he got inspiration!

I have to believe that he went well over the $20 limit.  Just sayin'.

 I almost missed this guy.  
He was wrapped in 6 or 7 layers of tissue paper (alternating red & green) 
and tucked in the bottom corner of the box.

 This sign flips around to say "Naughty"

 A whole bunch of these - they're glass!
Will look awesome on my year-round tree!

And the piece d' resistance.......
Red Wings snowmen!!!!
 ... on a chair !!!!

I would have been perfectly happy with just the snowmen!!  WOW!  I really hope he likes what I got for him.  I got a variety of unusual ornaments & 2 candlesticks (which I forgot to get candles for) from Always Christmas and a Nightmare Before Christmas snowman ornament.

Guess I'll find out soon if he likes them or not!

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