Monday, August 8, 2011

Gone up north

and man, it was nice to get home!  We opted to have the "family reunion" at Linda & Dave's property on a lake this year.  We weren't too thrilled at first, because we were looking forward to walking in the woods, swimming in the pond, etc.  It ended up being pretty fun.

Randy & I took Friday off work and packed up that morning.  He rented us a car again so we had a bit more room.  We almost fell over laughing - it was a silver 2011 Impala - just like the one we took to Canada! 

Friday we were the first of the family, other than Linda & Dave, to get there.  So we were already settled in when the rest came rolling in.  We

The rest of the night was visiting, eating dinner, sitting around the fire with some beverages.  Sautrday we went to visit Bo at the Farm.  On the way, Randy & I (and Jack) stopped to find 3 geocaches.  It's been a long time, so that was fun.

The one cache was a riot to find!  It was in a cemetery and whoever set it was so creative!!  The first clue was "Imagine" and gave us coordinates.  We found a headstone for John Lennon.  We had to take his birth/death years and plug them into a formula to find "First in Flight" (Wilbur Wright).  Then we had to find "The Fonz" (Henry Winkler).  The final clue was "A bird in the hand" which was 2 headstones surrounded by bushes and the cache was nearby. Fun fun fun!

It was funny while visiting Bo.  Laurie & I walked down to the pond to look at the fish.  We heard this weird sound & Jack was on the opposite bank of the pond, running as fast as he could go.  Then he'd stop & look at us, wagging his tail.  Then take off running in the other direction.  He did this 4 or 5 times and we just laughed.  Guess he liked the sound / feel of the wet bank. 

We had a nice visit & then went back to Linda's.  We had dinner then all went out on the neighbor's pontoon boat to go swimming.  I'm sure it was funny that there were like 10 of us bobbing around (we wore the lifejackets like diapers to hold us up higher) holding beer bottles out of the water. 

We had more beverages around the fire that night.  Terry decided to give us all Indian names.  He was Chief Crooked Crack, Linda was Walks With Cooler, Laurie was Golden Flow (????), little Lisa was Talks with Thumbs, Randy was Flaming Wood (for playing in the fire both nights).  He was running out of ideas for Tammy & I.   Still not ever sure what mine was.  Happy to Hop or Hopping when Happy or something like that.  pppfth.  Still a lot of laughs.

Sunday Randy made us the most horribly nomilicious breakfast ever!!!  He fried Spam and eggs and we ate them on hamburger bums with a slice of cheese.  Probably 7000 Points, but wow - it was good!

We took a trip to the beach and then packed up for home. 

 Fish nibbling on my toes!
 Trouble x3
 Riding on the tailgate of the truck....Tammy, Terry, Angel, Lisa
 Randy survived jumping off the pontoon!
Hmm is that a Spaminole I see in that tree?

Nothing says "Welcome Home" like your own bathroom!  It's a good thing we have 2 because Randy & Angel both made bee-lines for them! 

Isn't this the coolest thing?!?!?!  The Google maps Street view car!  
This was sitting in a McDonalds in Saginaw.
It never occurred to me to wonder how they created street view.  Now I know!

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