Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Props in Progress.....

I've got a few things done for my Halloween display lately.   They're still works-in-progress because - damn it - hands are hard!!!!

My sentries for each side of the driveway "Chris & Jimmy". 
They still need hands.  And hockey sticks.  And heads! 

I'm not sure which one has my blood on it. 
Yes - I wore gloves, but they don't protect your wrists from the chicken wire!

The re-done Marilyn.  Also needs hands. 
I'm not really happy with her skirt.  But it'll do for now.

The Grave Periscope.
A personal favorite!

And - OMG - I actually found a blowmold at the Salvation Army! 
Granted there is no light for it - but I still snagged it! 
The pop bottle is for size reference - he's not thirsty.

Things are coming along!  I need to take advantage of next week when I'm off work. I also have a Christmas project that I started last fall, but it got too cold to finish.  My helper Angel is ready to paint!  She's a great prop painter.  I'll keep her around! 

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