Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm on vacation!!!

I don't have to be back at work until Wednesday, September 7 !!!

This is going to be tough.  At work I pretty much only eat what I take with me.  Which is 100% WW friendly.  Being at home is dangerous.  The grazing gets me every time. And don't get me started on having cereal available, either!

I did lose another 1.4 lbs.  That makes 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks, which really gets my hopes up!

We don't have any really exciting plans.  Monday is school registration & the requisite shopping.  Tuesday is the girl's Well Child check up.  LOL, that sounds funny regarding a kid almost 14.  And dance registration.   My sister wants to go to the Peach Festival next Saturday & we're going to the Renaissance Festival next Sunday with some friends.  And then we have stuff to do around the house.  And the day of all starts on the 6th !  WOOHOOOOOO!!!

So I'll try not to let the evil Tim Horton's seduce me too many times.  (However the egg-white muffin is pretty good!) And keep fingers crossed for will-power!

On other news - I have a Halloween blog now!!!!  Maple Grove Cemetery

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