Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lifestyles of the Not So Rich & Famous

I just got to work this morning and was in the kitchen when the owner of the company walked in.  This is how the conversation went...

Ross - You're here!
Me - Yeahhhhh why wouldn't I be?
Ross - You're not in Minnesota.
Me - What happened in Minnesota?
Ross - Powerball
Me - Aaaah I see!  My chances would be signifiactnly higher of winning if I actually played the lottery. 
Ross - there was a group a while back that ended up taking home like $2 mil after taxes.
Me - I could live with a paltry $2 mil!!!
Ross - But the you wouldn't come back to work!
Me - yes I would.  $2 mil wouldn't last forever...and I'd get bored with all the travelling & such.
Ross - so 25 years from now you'd come back knocking on the door?
Me - sure!

I guess I should feel flattered that Ross & Michelle (his sister / my boss) really don't want me to ever leave.   Michelle said at one time that she was going to adopt me so I'd HAVE to stay here working for her. there was one winning ticket sold for the Powerball in Minnesota.  $220 million.  What the heck could I do with that much money?   I know a hefty chunk of that will go to taxes, so lets play with $100 million.

* If we stayed in Michigan - I'd totally have our house torn down & rebuilt.  Our house is an 850 sq ft / 2 bed / 2 bath ranch.  But I like our neighborhood and the schools and our double lot.  The problem is that most of the houses are from 1940, so we can't be too obnoxious.  I'd concentrate on keeping a similar style and size, adding a basement and creating a better layout and updates.  And quality!!  The one we have was apparently built OK, but the 1973ish addition was built by a retard.  The baseboard heat has got to go.  The nasty brown vomit laminate countertops have to go.  Central air!    The garage needs a new roof.   We need a new shed for the lawn mower.  I'd like the yard fenced so Jack doesn't have to be put on a dogrun.

* If we moved to Arkansas - we'd need to find or build a place with a mother-in-law suite for Randy's mom.  Or maybe with a small cottage in the yard for her.  That way she's close, but not too close!  I'd love to have a house with a lot of land (that would sprout an antenna farm) and a view of the mountains and not too far from Bath House Row!

*  new cars!  I've had my eye on the new Ford Edge.  Randy's would probably enjoy anything that has a police package.  An Impala, Charger or Crown Vic.  Angel will be old enough to drive in a couple years (God help us all!!).  I wonder if the guys from Storm Chasers would sell the TIV???? 

* charity.  The Michigan Humane Society will be very happy.  And probably the National MS Society.  We don't really know anyone with MS, but Randy already donates a lot of time doing emergency communications during the various MS150 bike rides around the state.  St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.  Karmanos Cancer Institute.  And of course our church!

* family.  They'd all be taken care of.  Immediate family only, too.  I don't want long-lost "cousins" showing up at our door.    I'd do a lump sum to each of them - so no one can whine about someone else getting more than another.  And in my family - they would!  I'd send each of the nieces & nephews to college. 

* travel.   I want to RV all 50 states (except Hawaii.  I'll fly there!)  Even the ones I've been to already.  Not just the major tourist traps - holes in the wall, too!  I want to play tourist for a year or five.  There are a lot of places in Canada I'd like to see, too.  England.  France.  Australia.  There are a ton of cool places everywhere.

* savings.  The rest can go in a Swiss bank account or someplace that is safe & secure.

* an accountant! 

That's about all I can think of for right now.   ~~daydreaming~~~

I'll leave you with some eye candy - aka Tracy Byrd!

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  1. Sounds like a great plan for what to do with all that money if you ever won it! My sis has a Ford Edge and it is really nice. I love that you wouldn't leave the place you live now, just rebuild the house. The house I grew up in was very small but I loved where it was. If I still lived in American and won that amount of money, I probably would try and buy it back and just spruce it up a bit.


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