Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Five (done on Saturday!)

I didn't post after WI on Thursday.  Up 1.8 lbs again!  Dammit.  Getting so discouraged again!  One day I'll break that damn 10 lb mark - and then onto Onederland !!!!  I took Jack out for a walk last night.  My darn pedometer lied & said I only took 680 steps when I know darn well we went at least 2 miles.  I felt like I was stomping, too!

I was reading Bambi's post this morning and thought this sounded fun.  I think I need to check out Mary's blog that she mentioned, too!

Five things I did this week:
1. Took a long walk (should have taken more!)
2. Took 3 hours to mow the jungle also known as our yard
3. Had Randy grill salmon for the first time (YUMMMY!)
4. Tried on a couple cute dresses at the Salvation Army - and they were too big!!!
5. walked 3 days at work (short walks)

Five things I’m doing this weekend:
1. Marathon cleaning spree of the girl's room.
2. Working on some Halloween props
3. Clearing off the kitchen table
4. Reading
5. Coloring my hair

Five things I’ve eaten/will eat today:
1. Egg White Veggie Omelet
2. 1/2 the order of hashbrowns
3. Fiber One chocolate peanut butter brownie
4. don't know what dinner will be yet!
5.Crystal Lite Strawberry water

Five random things I’ve said to people today:
1. Just WHO is in our house? (overheard DH in another room asking how someone got inside - it was a cricket!)
2. We both must have gravity issues today (DH & I both had cats laying on us)
3. (whispering) savory.....savory...   (to wake DD up - that the name of the diner we're going to )
4. I got my secret reaper!!!
5. Aww - look at my adorable new great-niece!

Five Jobs I’ve had:
1. gopher at an advertising company
2. Aco Hardware cashier
3. Blockbuster Video cashier
4. US Navy Postal Clerk
5. Senior billing clerk

Now it is your turn. Tell me five things about you.

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