Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm healing!!

Well - almost.

2 weeks ago - we went tubing.  Someone decided it would be fun to climb the river bank & make a mud slide.  Of course, I couldn't let my 50 year old sister out-do me, so...yeah.  First time was a hoot!  Angel & I got into a mud fight, which resulted in her white tank top sitting in bleach for 2 days.  As I went to climb up the second time, I slipped & came down hard on my hip.

Monday - Day 1

Thursday - Day 4.  
Yeah - I think this is my favorite look right here. 
The colors are amazing!
It was still hard & hot to the touch here.

Yesterday - Day 9
Looking better!  There's only one golf-ball sized lump still. 

What's funny, is I swear when I was climbing the bank I was kind of sideways & my left side was to the bank.  But when I slipped - you can see what happened to my right hip!!. 

Anyway.  I thought I'd pulled something in my shoulder while out tubing, too.  I did a lot of arm-paddling to pull the group away from trees along the banks.  I thought it would work itself out & all would be peachy.  Well, it still hurts.  My range of motion is OK, but I can't move my arm very quickly.  I find myself moving grabbing my wrist with the other hand to help move it - like to change stations on the radio in the car or whatever.  And if I move it around a lot, like today when I was sorting a huge stack of papers to file at work - the joint actually feels hot inside.  So, I guess I need to go pay a visit to the family doc.  Goody.  

Don't worry - I have an appointment first thing Friday morning.  

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  1. Ouch!! Those bruises look painful - though glad it's healing. Hope your shoulder feels better soon! :)


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