Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I smite thee, Evil Cupcake!!!!

My place of employment is like any other in regards to the vultures who work here.  If you have food (namely dessert) to get rid of - bring it in & leave it on the kitchen table & watch it disappear.  

I admit - I have joined in the feeding frenzy on occasion - but I try to contain myself.   I tell myself things like "those aren't chocolate chip cookies - they're oatmeal raisin (yuck!)".  Or I can usually convince myself that bugs have crawled on it / weirdos have touched it / or some other plausible excuse.  Or that its just not worth all the points I'd use for it.  

I came in Monday and someone had brought in 3 of the BIGGEST cupcakes I'd ever seen.  And left them neatly covered on a plate.  With a knife.  Because they were huge.  These evil lumps of tempting deliciousness were easily 6 inches across & 5 inches tall.  I don't know how much of that height was frosting, but it was a considerable heap. 

Monday I was able to ignore them (pat myself on the back).  But Tuesday mid-morning, I went to get a 90 calorie granola bar out of my lunchbox and I had the worst urge to grab that 1/3 cupcake that was left and just stuff it in my face.  I mean literally try to shove the entire top of that sugary frosting stack into my mouth & NOM.   I grabbed my boring granola bar and got out of that room as fast as possible!  It was the worst craving I'd ever had.  It.Called.My.Name !!!!!

I really know how Eve felt in the Garden of Eden.  Could you just imagine the consequences if she would have been tempted by a cupcake instead of an apple?!?!?!?!?     

What's funny is that other than the dispatchers with their odd hours, only 1 person gets there earlier than me.  So these giant cupcakes may very well have sat there all weekend.   I don't know.  They were sure to be gross & stale!  Or worse yet - perfectly fine because of all the preservatives!

At least they weren't chocolate.

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  1. I have just started to read a book CRAVE it's all about how God created us to Crave, but not the things we do Crave. He made us to Crave Him!!
    Great job on resisting temptation!! Cupcakes are my biggest weekness!!!


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