Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My body sure doesn't recover as well as it used to!  I left the family & dog at home & walked around the local park last night.  I went 2 miles in 27 minutes - just me & my iPod.  Cruisin'!!!  My booty & thighs are killing me today!  Plus as soon as I got home I took Jack for a short walk thru the neighborhood, since I was haunted by that hopeful little Beagle face when he watched me put my shoes on - and then leave without him.

I'm pretty proud of myself.  I had fixed dinner as soon as Randy got home, so we were done early.  I had just sat down at the computer to play The Phantom of the Opera (a hidden object game - love them!!) and commented to myself that I really should take advantage of the nice evening & go for a walk.  So I shut down the game & got changed.  The game was going to be there when I got back!

I also went for a walk at work yesterday.  A co-worker and I walked 4 times around the building, which is a decent size office building & 30 door loading dock.  I think I'd call that a "chat walk" since it took 20 minutes.  That was more to get away from the desk than to actually exercise.

I had a thought as I was walking last night.  I need to put some cadences on my iPod.  I have no desire to run ever again (unless chased by zombies) but it really did help keep a steady pace.  I have a cassette tape of Navy cadences out in the garage, but nothing to play it on!  I need newer media!  Wonder if there's something on iTunes....?

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  1. Thanks for playlist - I have to admit I've never heard any of those songs. I'm more a country / 80's rock girl. But I listened to clips of a few of them & can really see how you can use the beat!


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