Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, would have posted earlier, but I was waiting for Kenlie's FMM post on but for some reason there hasn't been one today.  I hope she's OK!  It is Monday, isn't it??

I have gone out walking around the park for past 2 nights, so that's been good.  Saturday was probably the most un-enthusiastic walk I'd ever gone on.  I felt all sorts of aches & pains in my legs / hips.  But I forced myself to go.  Last night I drug Randy out with me. At least we moved a bit quicker than Saturday.  I don't know if we'll go out walking tonight because....


It's been such an exciting day.  I pulled the sheets off my bed because Randy chose to smash a huge mosquito against the wall & then proceed to smear mosquito blood all over the bottom sheet.  GROSS!!!  Right in the middle of the bed, too!  Then I took advantage of the nice day to hang the blanket & pillows outside for a bit.  The bathrooms will be cleaned as soon as I get my toosh off the computer.  Then we'll be going out to dinner.  I still don't know where yet.  I'd like to go to Toby Keith's I Love This bar & Grill, but I know that's where Angel wants to go for hers next month.   Hmm, maybe Cheeseburgers in Paradise, then I can have a huge freakin' pina colada or something equally yummy.

Small rant - my family is {I'll be nice} strange.  I don't mean the family that is here in my house, I mean Mom this time.  She called to sing to me - because that's what we do on each other's birthdays - and asked what I was doing today.  I told her we were going out to dinner tonight & she asked who was taking me, Randy!?!?!?  Uhhh, no.  My boyfriend.  Who else would be taking me??

OK, interesting info - today is also my sister's birthday.  But we're not twins.  She's 13 years older than me!  However, Laurie is single & has no kids.  She has spent a lot of time with Mom since Dad passed away, which is great.  But they always seem to forget that I have a family other than them!  Now, my other sister Linda has no problem with ditching my BIL for a weekend, but I actually like to spend time with my spouse. I know, how dare I prefer to spend time with the man I married!!   grr.  Whatever.

I still plan to have a great evening with the 2 people I love the sweetie & my baby girl!!

edit.....OMG total food coma!  Total disregard for anything healthy at Cheeseburger in Paradise.  2 torched Cherry pina coladas,  a "Good Egg" burger (fried egg, ham & mayo on the burger), sweet potato fries & a scoop of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles for dessert.  Maybe by tomorrow I'll be able to move & work some of that off!

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