Monday, August 8, 2011

FMM - A letter to my future self

Had a surprisingly fun weekend!  Randy & I weren't really looking forward to spending the weekend at my sister's lake property.  He's not big on water & swimming and when I'm at other people's places - I find myself getting bored rather quickly. And neither of us usually have more than a beer or two at a time.  I confess that at family gatherings I drink more.

Friday we got there late enough to just get settled & have dinner & then sit around the fire.  I only had 2 s'mores!!!  And maybe 4 beers and a shot of 99 Bananas - yuck!  We only ended up with 4 extra visitors (or maybe 5 - I don't know....I was on the bottom of the pile!!!) jumping in our tent. 

Saturday I joined Linda & their neighbor Annie on their morning walk.  They never clocked the trip, but it took about 45 minutes & was not a leisurely stroll.  It had to have been easily 2 miles.  I enjoyed it a lot!

Then we went to go visit my brother & do 3 geocaches.  They were easy ones so not a whole lot of walking for them.  At the Farm, we walked down to the river and around the pond (and had to scrub the dog because he found something smelly / slimy / green to roll in and there's no way he was getting in the rental car like that!!!)

We got back Saturday in time to hurry up & make my requested red white & blueberry trifle for dinner and then we went out on the pontoon to go swimming.  I was amazed to see Randy actually jump off the boat!!  This is the same guy who takes 20 minutes to work his way into the pond at the Farm!  It was hysterical to see at least 10 people bobbing around the boat, all holding beer bottles up! 

We had another fire Saturday night, but no s'mores this time.    Lots of laughter.  Terry was making us shots of something (2 different bottles and rather tasty!) and I had at least 3 of those and another 4 or 5 beers.   I chose to stand a lot and that caused me to bust out into random dance moves when the song on the radio inspired me.

Sunday Linda, Laurie & I went for another walk on the same route as before.  Breakfast was probably the most horribly wonderful concoction ever.  Randy fried some Spam, fried eggs (I can't really call them "fried" since there was no oil and minimal butter used - but it was a frying pan!!), then stacked them on a hamburger bun with a slice of cheese.  It was so freakin' good!  Not healthy in the slightest, but Om nom nom nom.

So to overview....I got plenty of exercise.  I tried to drink enough water, because I learned that if I don't have enough - I'll get cramps in my calves overnight.  I got all beef hot dogs & lean sirloin burgers for the evening meals.  Whole wheat buns for both.  I opted for fruit instead of chips.  So the beverages weren't the best choices.  oh well!  It was only for the weekend.

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FMM: A Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

It is now 2011.  You're going to be 38 in exactly 3 weeks. 

I wonder if you finally were able to lose those last 40 or so pounds?  Did Randy ever lose his belly ? (last week he weighed 312 lbs at the doctor's office!!)  Did Angel stick with her dancing and/or veterinarian dreams?  How is the rest of the family?  Did you get to move to Arkansas?

I bet the world is really different now - hopefully its a nice place still!  I don't know if I'd want to live in a futuristic Jetson's type place, altho I do see the benefits of flying cars!!!

So I send good wishes that you're all HAPPY & healthy & maybe even indepentently wealthy !!!!

Lots of love from 2011!

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  1. Great letter! I had trouble with this one but finally managed to write a line or two. Sounds like a great weekend!


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