Thursday, August 4, 2011


-1.4 lbs!

Woohoo!  Finally!  A step in the right direction.!!!

Totally staying on the wagon today.  I knew I was weighing in, so I avoided the massive lunchtime coney dog consumption at work.  I was once called a communist because I don't like chili.  Oh well.  I stuck with my Lean Cuisine & 1/2 a cucumber & Arnold's Sandwich Thin. 

We're having some nice grilled chicken & rice for dinner.  I still have to figure out a veggie, but I have a selection of veggie steamers in the freezer, so it'll be quick & easy.

It's going to be tough this weekend.  We both took tomorrow off work, so we're going up north with the family to my sister's place on the lake.  Luckily, Randy doesn't care much for water, so Saturday we're going to go find a couple geocaches and maybe to visit my brother.  That will reduce the amount of alcohol I have.  I still have to contend with Friday & Saturday nights by the fire.  Oh well.  Hopefully I'll get to do enough swimming & walking to wearing some of that off!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Well done on your weight loss! Hope you have a good weekend :)


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