Saturday, August 20, 2011


I forgot to post on Thursday!

Good news is that I was down 1.6 lbs, which almost makes up for the 1.8 lb gain last week!  At least its a step in the right direction.

Did lots of exercise - after that butt-burning walk on Tuesday, Wednesday I spent a lovely 2 hours & mowed the lawn, which about kicked said butt.

Last night, my dinner probably left a bit to be desired.  First of all - it was the 2011 Parade of Cars, which is the kick off to the Woodward Dream Cruise - a HUMONGOUS classic car event in the SE Michigan.  I volunteered with a handful of other people from Oakland County Emergency Management to do communications along the parade route.  We had to report at 5 for briefing & then they graciously fed us - along with a bunch of Oakland & Wayne County sheriffs, several city's regular / bike / motorcycle police, ATF, etc. 

Oh, but the food.  The food was amazing!  It was all donated from local companies along the parade route, too.  Not only was there pizza & donuts (cue police jokes here!), there was BBQ pulled pork, BBQ ribs, a couple different finds of kebabs, rice, bread, salad, thick slices of ham & turkey, brownies, cookies, and an edible arrangement of fruit.  Om nom nom nom nom.

So anyway.  Today I am enjoying my peace & quiet.  Randy is back down working at the Dream Cruise itself.  Angel is up north with Aunt Linda at the lake.  The dog is snoozing on the floor by my feet & a cat is purring on my lap.  I have a few errands to run, gonna clean the house a bit & finish building a couple Halloween props.  All by my lonesome self - WOOHOO!!

Me & Randy last night.  
He was "Net Control" who we all reported to and I got to wear my totally stylish reflective "Amateur Radio" vest.  Such a hot, sexy look!

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