Saturday, April 28, 2012


Y is for Yoga.

Yet another post that has taught me quite a lot!

Apparently yoga is not known for calorie burning, but it has been shown to decrease heart rate, help you to cope with stress better and just put you in a better mood.  This is besides the obvious benefit of increasing flexibility.

There are different types of yoga.  You know the guy sitting on the mountain top that people go to for words of wisdom?  He's practicing an Asana posture.  This pose is centered on the mind and you basically cannot move.  It's for deep meditation and relaxation.

Surya Namaskar are easy and repetitive poses known for the ability to make you relaxed and comfortable.  I have to assume this is for beginners, since it says you needn't be very flexible.

Bikram Yoga poses are the most common poses in yoga.  These are not relaxing poses and the room is usually hot.  There are 26 poses that you must do.  No alternatives, no shortcuts.  But people say they experience peace of mind and feel great afterward.

Pranayama is also known as the yoga science of breathing.  This sounds simple, but there is more to it than you think!  You must relax and be aware of your breathing.  You must also have a "free flow".  Not quite sure what that means!  And you must have just emptied your stomach.  I didn't realize that was something that just happens *snap* like that.  But t is suggested that you do this in the morning before sunrise, so yes, your stomach probably is empty. 

Shakti yoga helps people to change their way of thinking and teaches them to reach their maximum potential thru the use of powerful techniques.  There are a lot of methods used in shakti yoga that I'm surprised aren't used more, if they can change people's ways of thinking & such!!

This has opened my eyes to how pathetic my Wii Yoga really is!  However, even using the Wii regularly, I noticed myself having better balance - so i guess that's not all bad!

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