Monday, April 23, 2012


T is for .... Trucks.

I must confess.  I like big trucks.  I guess maybe this is why I work at a trucking company!

 Gravedigger 30th Anniversary Semi
holds 3 Hot Wheels trucks. 

 My collection of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

 I still need the zamboni to go with this. 

This past March, we went to Ford Field like we do every year to see Monster Jam.  It's such a fun evening!  We already have our tickets for next January.


 Hot Wheels

 Metal Mulisha


(check out the glowing eyes!)

 Maximum Destruction

 Gravedigger - the Legend

30th Anniversary Gravdigger

It's amazing some of the things these trucks can do!

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  1. we almost always see grave digger when we go to the beach--i remember one of my sons went to one of these shows with his dad, years ago--one of his best days


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