Monday, April 23, 2012


T is for Tools.

OK, not that kind!

There are all sorts of items out there to help a person with their weight loss, whether it be to keep track of calories or carbs or any combination of nutrition and exercise. 

I use my WW eTools on the computer, there are all sorts of progress reports I can use to track how I'm doing. I also have my WW mobile app on my iPhone, although I learned quickly that the WW barcode scanner app is wrong.  I scanned a couple things that I had already knew the Points value for and it was wrong.  So that ticked me off a bit.  I also have measuring scoops for portion control and a digital kitchen scale that can switch between ounces and grams.

Everyone has their own methods that work best for them, either a simple notebook and pencil, a fancy website or whatever - tools help!

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