Monday, April 16, 2012


N is for Night Time.

I know life sometimes gets in the way, but you need your beauty sleep!  

WebMD  says that not getting enough sleep can lead to a vicious circle of staying up late, going to coffee & doughnut for energy at work, skipping the gym, picking up carry out for dinner, then being too wound up to sleep.When you are tired, you seem to automatically reach for junk, or comfort foods.  This may wake you up for a while, but in the long run it adds on the pounds.

On average, we need 7.5 hours of "quality" sleep.  I guess quality sleep is what someone with little ones at home or certain orange cats (to like to give kisses / groom hair at night) don't get!

On the other hand....WW says if you lose weight, you sleep better because you don't have the extra fat around your next blocking your airway. This helps with sleep apnea.  And makes your bed partner happy because of less snoring!

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