Wednesday, April 11, 2012


J is for Journal.

To me, journalling is one of the hardest parts of the WW plan.   I think it is a pain, although I know it is necessary, to document every morsel of food that may cross my lips.

According to eTools, it helps you to be more aware of, and stay accountable and focused to your goal. Sort of like using a financial budget.

I never liked actually writing in an actual journal, since I would find myself writing down the food, but not always (OK, very seldom) figuring the points values for the food,  Which is rather pointless.  Using eTools was better, since it would keep track of all that I used and how many I have left, and also my activity points.  But I'm not always in front of a computer to use eTools right away!

I am looking forward to getting a new phone in June, since I will make sure I can get the WW app, so I will always have my tracker close at hand.  I've heard on this app that I will also be able to scan an item's bar code and it will enter the PointsPlus values for me -SQUEEEE!!

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