Saturday, April 14, 2012


M is for the Michigan Accent!

I was born in Michigan and other than a couple weekend trips to Cedar Point in Ohio or crossing the border into Windsor, I'd never been out of it.  Then after high school, I enlisted in the US Navy.  This was my first real experience with non-Michiganders.

In boot camp, during this thing called Work-Week, I was assigned to helping the company commanders process their new companies as they trickled in from their civilain worlds.  I was helping some girls figure out where to go when one kept looking at me and finally said she didn't understand my accent. 


I was totally astounded.  Pppft.  I don't have an accent!  I thought she was nuts.  I just thought we talked quicker than most.

Fast forward 18 or 19 years (past my 8 year enlistment where my nickname on one command was the Damn Yankee) I saw a clip on the news about this phenomenon called the Michigan Accent.  I was riveted.  I had no idea there was such a thing or that I had one!

Then a couple days ago, I was on Facebook and I came across this article about both our accent AND our slang words!!  As I read this article, I found myself saying words and phrases out loud to verify that is how I spoke.  And to make matters worse..... this one talks about the Michigan sterotypes! 

But alas.....I am guilty.  This list is by no way complete! 

*I do use my hand as a map to show where I'm from / where we're going.
*Mine & my daughter's Halloween costumes have gone over winter coats.  We've also hunted Easter eggs in the snow.
*I can pronounce Euchre, but I've never played it.
*I do know how to use jumper cables.
*I drink pop.
*We regularly go "up north".
*My Dad was all about "the Union" aka UAW.
*I do add the word "at" on the end of questions -as in 'Where is that at?'

I'm not going to get into the pronunciations!  Guilty of probably 95% of those, too!

I'm sure most places have their accents and peculiarities, but I've never seen articles or news bits about them!  Guess we're special.

Ted Nugent for President!!!

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