Tuesday, April 3, 2012


C is for ...Cats!
Specifically, my cats. 


He was my first cat as an adult.  His mom adopted my parents and soon after, presented them with 3 kittens.  I looked into his eyes & he was never parted from me.  In fact, when my hubby asked us to move in with him, I reminded him that I was a package deal - the kid & the cat came with me.  He obviously agreed! Skeeter was very mellow and loving.  If I sat down for any length of time, he was sure to be on my lap.  And if he wasn't I'd just call out that my lap was empty and he'd show up. There were only a few times I can remember when Skeeter did not sleep with me.  I called him my bed bumper. His favorite way to sleep was between me & the edge of the bed - but with his belly against my hip, so his back foot was kicked up onto my stomach and his front paw draped over my knee and my hand went perfectly on his side.  I didn't mention that Skeet was huge!  He was 20 lbs, but had a tiny head and a really long body.

Obviously I was devastated last November when he got a blockage in his urinary tract & died suddenly at the vet.  Here is the story.  I still miss him!!


Chester was a rescue from the Humane Society.  I'd been wanting a second cat, but waited til we'd been in our house a full 6 months.  The vet recommended getting a female since it would be more likely to get along with Skeeter.  I checked out the MHS website & noted a few cats to look at.  But when I got there, an orange paw kept reaching out to me.  So I took him into the pet room and he sat on my lap and just purred.  I couldn't leave without him.  He is such a character. And him & Skeeter were buddies.  He's the curious / nosy one in our family.  He always has to check out boxes & bags & even tried out the new dryer when when we got it.  He meets us at the door when we get home.   He's also our mighty hunter - he's caught mice when we didn't know we had any!

 Skeeter & Chester were snuggle-buddies, even tho Chester would occasionally feel the need to straddle Skeeter's body and bite his head.  Skeeter would just lay there & yell. 


Maggie was a barn cat at my sister's little farm. Her tiny little body produced 5 or 6 BIG litters of BIG kittens before Laurie finally managed to catch her at the correct time to get her spayed.  We brought her home shortly after Thanksgiving 2006, to spare her from another cold winter in the barn.  She ruled the roost ever after and adapted easily to being an indoor cat. She had the loudest purr for such a little thing.  When she was particularly content (usually on either Randy's or my chest), she'd open her mouth to purr even louder!   She had some health issues that required medication.  But she was OK with taking the meds, since that meant a bit of canned food and she always let me know when it was time to eat!

Sadly, last February, almost 3 months to the day after Skeeter passed, Miss Maggie had a seizure and she went so fast we never would have gotten her to the vet to save her.  Here is her story.

Maggie & Jack (post about him later - for "J"!) mooching at dinnertime. 

All the purr-babies.

We do plan to return probably this summer to the Humane Society and find a brother or sister for Chester.  But right now, I think he's enjoying having his people all to himself.


  1. I read this with tears in my eyes, I love cats and had Tabitha as a kitten who first belong to my son but he had to work away , We had Tabitha for 14 years and the antics she got up to was unbelievable. When she was 10 yrs she was diagnosed with diabetes and my husband and myself was taught how to inject her tow daily doses of insulin

  2. Second part of comment: My husband passed away 2 years after her diagnoses and it was her company kept me going, She would sit on my lap and purr. Two years after my husband's passing she developed gall stones and I had to part with her. A void in my life I suddenly alone for the first time. I am not allowed pets where I live otherwise I would have one now.

  3. Our lovely rescue dog, Josh, died just over a year ago and it still hurts very much. I've always had cats around as well but now we've said "no more dogs!" I get too attached. Not that I don't love my cats. We have two lovely grey ladies who arrived from a rescue centre a while ago so scared they wouldn't come anywhere near us. We now have two loving lap cats. Yay!

    I'm doing the A to Z Challenge too at A to Z of Nostalgia

  4. They're so cute!

  5. I can't relate much because I've never owned cats nor do I particurlarly get along with them, but that was very sentimental!

  6. Thanks!
    They really weasel their way into your heart so that it feels odd when they're gone!

  7. This was a hard post to write, since I still miss Skeeter so much. I got him as a kitten and he was going to be 12 this July. I can never replace him, but we will get another cat(s) eventually.

  8. That is so sad! Sorry for your double loss!

  9. I love the pictures. Your cats remind me of my own Millie and Muffin. They're snuggle buddies too. Great A-Z post!

  10. Not really a cat person, but all of yours are cute. :)

    DL Hammons @ Cruising Altitude 2.0
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  11. What adorable names! Thanks for stopping by!


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