Monday, April 2, 2012


B is for....the Buckstaff Bathhouse!

Located in beautiful downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The link above goes to their official website, but I'll tell about my personal experiences there.  

First of all - I wish I didn't live 1000 miles away, because I'd be there at least once a month, during the cooler months, anyway. (I've been there in July - not as nice with the heat!)   

The entire building has been restored to how it looked back in the early 1900's.  It's so beautiful!  All white marble & such.  The elevator to the 2nd floor ladies' area is one of those ones that the operator needs to pull the accordion gate shut and actually pull the lever on the controller to get it to move.  You're shown to a locker room and you strip down (bathing suits are optional) & lock up your stuff.  

A tiny little Asian woman then will wrap you in a sheet and turn you over to an attendant.  They are very attentive and treat you like royalty.  You spend 20 minutes in a lovely deep claw foot bathtub filled with water straight out of the spring (so, HOT) and the 'whirlpool' in your tub is created by something that resembles an outboard motor.  The attendant will also bring you cups of spring water to drink.  And you have the option of being scrubbed down (arms, legs & back) with a loofah mitt that you get to keep.  The only thing I'd change is that they did that at the end of the bath, when rough skin has had a chance to soften.

One of the next stations is the hot packs.  You lay back on this padded table and they wrap your arms & legs in hot towels, concentrating on any problem areas, like if you have bad knees or whatever.  You get all wrapped up & cozy and they lay a cold towel over your eyes.  Aaaah!

Then there is the sitz bath.  I'm not too crazy about this.  You basically sit in a sink of water.  This is the only part I'm not too thrilled about. It's kind of awkward!

The steam cabinet reminds me of old cartoons where they go in the box with only their head sticking out & when they come out, they've sweated all their fat away.  Yeah, I wish.  But that's exactly how it is.  The cabinet is set back in almost a closet and only your head shows, so I imagine to a new-comer it would look funny. 

Right after that, you go into a needle shower.  Basically it's a square shower stall with tubes in each corner that spray you from multiple heads.  It's still water from the spring, but after the cabinet - they feel cool. 

Then you go have a Swedish massage.  They have the rooms all cool & relaxing & have beach sounds playing softly.  It's supposed to be like 30 minutes, but it sure seems to be faster.  A Swedish massage is just where they massage your face & scalp, arms, legs & back.  Oh yeah - hands & feet, too.  Man, I love the feet part!   So its not uncomfortable touchy-feely. 

And the best part of this all?  It's only $55 for 1.5 - 2 hours of heaven!!  And I didn't learn this right away, but in the lobby, they discreetly have envelopes and a locked box so you can leave tips for your attendant & masseuse.  Since I don't get to go often, I always leave a BIG tip. 

So if you're ever in the Hot Springs area - you have to stop in there!   So worth it!  I can't wait until this Christmas when I get to go!  YAY!!!


  1. Sounds a wonderful place to go . Have a great time when you go there later.

  2. That sounds utterly fabulous and right now I am thinking how much I could use a couple hours there... except I'm in FL. I'll be writing this down in my travel book though for places to visit when I retire :)

    A to Z Challenge

  3. Book me in, it sounds like heaven:-)
    thanks for sharing

  4. Oh how I would love to go do this! I will def have to write this down as a place to visit!

  5. I live in Arkansas and I've never been there. Shame on me! :)

  6. Oh wow, Lisa! I have never had treatments like you've described. I was aching to have one by the end of your post! *sigh* Nemacolin Woodlands Resort isn't too far from me in PA, but I can bet they charge HUNDREDS for the same type of treatments. Ouch! :o)
    A to Z Blog Challenge

  7. My mother in law lives in Hot Springs & she's never been there, either!

  8. Thanks, I'm sure I will!

  9. It is SO worth going! Plus Hot Springs is a nice place to visit, too.

  10. It is wonderful!
    I was thrilled when I learned about this place and even more so when I went. can't wait to go back!
    I bet if I actually lived closer I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much.

  11. YES PLEASE. I can't believe you're doing the A-Z Challenge on 3 different blogs!!! That's crazy!

  12. I think I may be! Luckily I have most of the posts written & scheduled, so I don't have to worry about that, but keeping up with the comments is nuts!


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