Wednesday, April 4, 2012


D is for Dottie's Weight Loss Zone

I really enjoy the message boards at DWLZ.  Personally, I think the people are a lot friendlier & less clique-y like on the WW boards (my opinion - don't yell at me!)  Overall it's a useful site, in addition to WW eTools.  Dottie herself is a real person who gets on the boards and chats like everyone else. She's got links to a zillion different restaurants with PPs listed on the menus, all in one place.  That makes eating out while on WW a lot more convenient!

She's also got some offers for great deals on stuff like VitaTops & coupons for (gasp!) sugar free margarita mixes!!!

I love the newsletters she sends out.  She covers a lot of info that interesting and can even get a giggle sometimes!

Eeek!  I wrote this & somehow it saved as a draft instead of posting on schedule!  Good thing I checked before going to work!

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