Friday, April 27, 2012


X is for X-treme sports!!!

OK, these are the "craziest" of the extreme sports, according to

Volcano Boarding

Limbo Skating - for the very flexible!

Train Surfing - and if you watch the video on the link, they also train dance!

Crocodile Bungee - for when bungee jumping is too tame.  Here you get dunked into a neighborhood of live crocodiles!

Cliff diving.  Haven't Hawaiians been doing this forever?

Freestyle Powerisers Stilts - these look like a lot of fun!

Underwater Hockey.    O_o

 Airkicking - aka the human catapult

Slacklining - instead of using a tightrope, this is like walking on a rubber band.

Zorbing - or the human hamster ball.  Also looks like a lot of fun!  You have the option of being strapping a harness or filling the inner ball with some water so you slide around.  I would so do this!

One thing I noticed about all of these Xtreme sports - they are all being done by college aged guys.  Hmmmmm.  Coincidence?

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