Wednesday, April 4, 2012


D is for...Dance!

Miss Angela started dancing thru the city community center when she was 5.

Look how cute!
They danced to Locomotion - obviously!

She spent 2 years with them, then I decided to put her in a real studio.

I'm sure every parent is thrilled their 7 year old gets to dance to Van Halen's Hot for Teacher! 

Then that studio decided to close and just keep a different location open.  So I shopped around & found Dancer's Only.  With the exception of one year (due to lousy grades) she's been there ever since.

Costumes for 2012 have been chosen and paid for, but only a couple acquired so far. She needed some of them for the competition she went to recently.  These are the ones she wore in 2011 for the recital.





The finale outfit.  Studio t-shirt & jean capris.

Last year was her first time on their competition team.
Comp Jazz

Comp Tap

AND this year she is a member of the high school JV dance team - next year Coach thinks she needs to try out for varsity!!

I am so glad I only have the one kid!

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