Tuesday, April 17, 2012


O is for.... Oh crap.

Sorry.  Got nothing. 
How about some randomness?

My maiden name is Owens.  We have small ego problems.  My dad just exuded awesomeness.  Good luck trying to fit him and my nephew in a room together.  Their big heads took up all the room!  I grew up calling myself Lisa the Great (hence my amateur radio call sign is N8LTG - see the last 3 letters there?)  At the last dance comp we went to, the girl said the 2nd day would be better because that is when she was dancing.  I told her to watch out, her Owens was showing.  There is NO low self-esteem in this family tree!

My daughter's current favorite band is One Direction.  Whoopee.

Much to my Arkie hubby's delight - I can pronounce Ouachita, Arkansas.  (wash-a-tah)

Two words......The Oatmeal

and of course.......the Detroit Red Wings Octopus!

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  1. I guess I don't pay enough attention to know that the mascot for the redwings is an octopus - when did that happen? and why would they pick an octopus of all things they could have picked? I am not making fun of your mascot, (well maybe a little) just questioning. Normally a mascot is one that is able to run around and get cheers and support..does he run on any of those tentacles? I am intrigued now and will probably look into it..great post!


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