Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monster Jam...and Yay, March!!!

Today is the meteorological beginning of spring!  To celebrate I took the car for a car wash, even if it's only in the upper 20s.  It needed it badly! 

So it was pretty fun at Monster Jam last night.  Well, for Angela & I anyway.  Randy is under the weather again!  We had lasagna Friday night that we all ate & Saturday morning I got woken up to the most dreaded sound ever.....him throwing up.  Apparently it didn't sit well with him and it just had to come up. And he had a meeting so he had to get up out of bed and look presentable.  He got home early enough from that he could take a nap before we left for Detroit.  But you could tell he wasn't feeling himself. 

So the cost of parking went up this year - $50!!  But where the guy told us to park was in a driveway so all we had to do was pull out onto Michigan Ave and BAM, we were practically on the ramp to the highway with minimal traffic fuss.  Just an observation - Detroit needs to train their police officers on how to direct traffic.  When they are pointing the flashlight at the car and sweeping it down rapidly - that usually means GO.  Don't be sweeping the light & then scream STOP at us!  Moron.  

We parked and walked over to Hockeytown Cafe.  It was crazy downtown!  Not only was Monster Jam going on, there was some dinosaur exhibit in Cobo Hall this weekend and Garth Brooks was in concert at the Joe at both 7 and 10:30 last night!  We didn't have dinner at Hockeytown because of the 2 hour wait.  So we stopped in this Italian grille on the first floor of the Fox Theater building.  It was pricey and the service slow and meh, but the food ended up being pretty good. We finished up and scurried over to Ford Field (the wind picked up and it was COLD!!)

Our family selfie this year is with the big Tiger outside Comerica Park.
Interesting tidbit about the Fox building that most people don't know - it is the HQ for Ilitch Holdings.  The Ilitch family own the Red Wings, the Tigers, Little Caesars Pizza, the Motor City Casino and a couple other companies.  Can you imagine being part of that family????  My ass would be parked in a suite for every Wings home game.  Randy's old boss now works for them - I still sort of hope she would call him up and ask him to come work for her again.  

So they used an interesting set up on the track this year.  We've gone to this event every year since 2000 and haven't seen this before.  The big arches are inflatable and the green one didn't make it thru qualifying - heehee!  
Yay, Zombie!
I took some pics during the racing but I had the setting wrong on the camera.  I fixed it before freestyle, since that's the best part! 

Bad News Travels Fast
 This dirt was set up to do flips on!
 Madusa - her run sadly didn't last long. 
 Wrecking Crew - one of the hometown boys
 Thunder 4x4
 El Toro Loco
War Wizard
  Stone Crusher
 Ended up almost back in his parking spot!
 Avenger - brother to the other hometown Boy - the Koehlers are from Columbus MI.
 Avenger borkted. 
 Titan - didn't survive this landing. 
Max D
 He did 2 flips in a row!
...and the driver never lost the dip out of his lip.  
 Lucas Oil Crusader
 Lost his body!
 Gravedigger - always Angel's favorite.  
 Hooked.  We think he paid off the judges since there were some really good runs that scored low.  He didn't make it thru bonus time and still got a high score. 
 Monster Energy
 Monster Mutt - the guy started running as the driver revved the engine - and then threw the bone so Mutt could chase it! 
This corner where they piled up the borkted trucks. 

So Randy's feeling better today, but he's still staying in bed to recover.  I stopped and got him some low acid OJ since I'm pretty sure he's dehydrated.  Miss Angela is at dance (as usual) She had her solo class today, as well as a short class with the Movement Project and then there was a drop in class for anyone who wanted to dance with Coach Jon.  I need to finish boxing up the Valentine's decor and break out the St. Patty's so I can take stuff into work tomorrow.  Then tomorrow night is the premiere of Season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race!  I don't watch much TV and really don't like other reality shows, but this is something I look forward to.  

Have a good rest-of-the-weekend!


  1. We used to go to such events when Bubba was young, but too loud and always getting more expensive, we quit.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. I can't believe they can get away with charging $50 for parking!! But the event itself wasn't too bad. You just can't believe they website when they offer "best available" seats.

  2. Looks like a great time. My husband and my youngest daughter never miss a monster jam! : )

    1. We have only missed one since I moved back to Michigan in 2000 and that was because of a nasty ice storm. So we sat at home and watched the DVDs from the final event at the Silverdome. It's not the same seeing it on TV, you can't feel it!

  3. Replies
    1. That's part of the fun! They were advertising the show for next January and Miss Angela was telling me I needed to buy tickets already! She has always liked going.

  4. You got some good pictures and sounds like you had fun. :)

  5. I've never been to Monster Jam myself but my husband has and he says it's awesome. You got some great pictures! I hope everyone in your family stays well!

    1. Thanks! We look forward to it every year.


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