Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Funnies & stuff

Happy Friday!  I'm combining this with a real post today. It's my blog, I can do this if I want, dammit!

Since we're not Irish at all, I'm not sure why the females in my family started having a Girls Night Out for St. Patrick's Day.  So tomorrow night we're going out to dinner and we'll hang out at sister Laurie's house and have a few beverages, etc, etc.  It's funny that when we go out to dinner, wearing our green, the restaurant staff really keep an eye on us - I guess us riff-raff come across as party animals and just might bust the place up!

Does anyone else have the one co-worker who is just so annoying you want to punch them in the throat?  Yup.  Got one of those.  I could write a novel about how annoying this chick is but I'll spare you the boring details.  Grrr!  Why, if you work 12 hour shifts, would you ask to bring your 9 year old to work, other than so you don't have to pay daycare?  I felt sorry for this poor kid today.  He was bored to death! 

So Miss Angela's prom dress is finally safely at the tailor's.  We took it in Tuesday and when he first saw it, he ranted & raved about chiffon dresses and how they're so hard to work with, etc. etc.  I told him we had her shoes out in the car, but the length was good.  He just said "Whew!  I'll stop my bitching now!"  Heehee!  But the bodice is covered in tiny pleats and beads and it all needs to be taken in and other tweaks done.  Have fun, buddy!  He also accused me of never feeding her.  Sheesh!  She eats plenty, and junk food, too!  

This is the same guy who worked on my wedding dress and he claimed to remember me!  Maybe because I almost went bridezilla on him?  He'd had my dress for a month and when I stopped in a week before my wedding, he said it was hanging in back and he hadn't done any work on it yet!  My voice slowly rose higher & higher as I asked him exactly what he meant, that my wedding was next week, etc, etc.  Another customer, clearly a married man, started backing slowly away from me!  I did not care that his happy ass had to work over the 4th of July, either.  Shoulda had it done sooner. 

Last night was the last time EVER I had to go to conferences at school!  Woohoo!!  I walked right up to 4 of her teachers and only had to wait for one.  In fact I sat & chatted with her English teacher for about 20 minutes about non-school things!  I used to HATE going to conferences, since her grades were so crappy.  This year she finally saw the light and is doing fairly decent.  So I went in case her teachers gave out extra credit for parents attending.  

I couldn't resist putting this on FaceBook....

So Randy & I went out to dinner and had an amaretto sour to celebrate.  I will be having my chocolate wine here in a bit, once my dinner settles some.  

I'm not looking forward to Monday, but then I am.  Miss Angela and I are both currently sporting temporary crowns.  I go Monday to get my permanent one and she goes Tuesday.  Her teeth haven't bothered her, but mine has started to ache some.  Nothing that an aspirin doesn't take care of, but it is annoying.  I hate the dentist.  

I did my first Twitter chat about the April A-Z Challenge last night!  It was difficult, since we didn't leave the restaurant til about 8:15, Then I only had enough time to answer a couple questions and then leave to get the kid from dance.  So I chatted a bit more while waiting for her.  So I know I didn't get as much out of it as I could have.  Maybe next week I'll do the daytime one and just skate for an hour at work.   It's very fast paced! 

Can you believe that Angel changed her mind about going to a classmate's party tonight so she could stay home and eat my spaghetti for dinner?  The same kid whom her teachers have been saying is quiet & respectful???  Who is she and where is my kid??  I know it's not the only reason, since she said someone she really doesn't like was also planning on going.  That's OK.  I offered to pick up a friend or two on our way so she didn't have to go alone, but she still changed her mind.  I always tell her to use me or Randy as an out if she doesn't want to do something.  Tell them I have other plans for you, he said no, whatever.  

So Randy is gonna hang out with "the guys" tomorrow.  They're going to breakfast and then to a meeting.  Then they're going to the National Weather Service office to work on some radios there, getting them ready for severe weather season.   Ah, the life of a geek!   I can't complain.  He's not sitting in a bar somewhere and he enjoys messing around with radios.

So I'm ready to go get my wine now - have a great Friday the 13th!  

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