Saturday, March 7, 2015

On the road again....!

Got to love last minute things!

We found out last Wednesday (Feb 25) that there ~might~ be a comp this weekend.  Sho 'nuff.  Bright & early tomorrow we are off to Ann Arbor (just over an hour away) to the Crisler Center for the UofM Dance Invitational.  And all we know so far is that it starts at 9am and we need to be on site by 8, with them in hiphop hair.  Oh yay!  At least awards are supposed to be at 6 and it's only one day.  We just got the email with info from Coach.  All their dances seem to be in the morning as of now, so the afternoon will be long!

Crisler Center is where the Wolverines play basketball.  Coach Jon seems to follow the more dance / cheer circuit whereas the studio follows the straight up dance circuit.  Which is OK, since there are fewer types of dance to sit thru & watch. My main concern, with this being on a college campus, are the seats going to be comfy??  My butt wants to know!  I've been to comps at high school gyms before & aluminum bleachers all day SUCK!

So last night, Miss Angela spent the night over a friend's house with yet another friend.  She dances with both of them.  Maloree had never seen the movie Burlesque so they went over to Haili's house (this is not the one who got hurt at Nationals) and they watched that, 2 of the High School Musicals and of course....last year's dance recital.  Which meant dancing happened, too.  They simply could not sit and watch such a thing!

So while she was gone, Randy & I went out to dinner and then grabbed some coffee from Tim Horton's and wandered thru 2 of the local Salvation Armies.  We are such party animals!  But he always finds some useful electronic things and I couldn't pass up this nutcracker and horse!  I have a red one just like it so I needed it for a matched pair!  I got a funky purple zigzag skirt, too.  

We got home today and found this in the mailbox!
The letter was the formal invitation to be in the 2015 Miss Teen Royal Oak / Detroit Pageant!  Miss Angela read it, the informational meeting is on a night she has no classes, but she didn't seem interested. She's already got some modelling experience (My "M" post from last year's A-Z Challenge) but this just "isn't her thing".  But again.  She may surprise me.  I didn't come straight out and ask if she wanted to do it. The $30K scholarship would be really nice.

I was supposed to go out to my sister's house this morning to take care of the horses, but I got out of it!  Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't have minded -  she just had some minor surgery Wednesday and can't do any strenuous stuff yet, I love to see the horses and don't mind taking care of them....but it would have meant getting up early to go there!  Since we have to be up early tomorrow, I was selfishly happy that niece Lisa was staying out there Friday night and would do it.

Well, I have exciting things to do like load the dishwasher and fold some clothes and make sure a certain girl took her bright blue nail polish off and has all her costumes together, so I'll leave you with this....

This is a fun video and a good song!
Walk The Moon "Shut Up and Dance" 
movie dance compilation


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Happily we made it there and back without any of our usual scenic tours! And they did quite well again, too!

  2. Comp Day, does that mean competition day? Sat through a really really long once with a friend who had daughters in gymnastics. Grueling. I had no idea what I was watching to know who was good or not so really couldn't participate much in the conversations going on around us. Some of the parents were awful though, these were young kids so it seemed nasty the way they talked about some of them. I'm an old fart now though, so unless my DD gets married and has children I'll probably not go to another such event. Good luck to your daughter. I'm visiting a few folks as I gear up for the upcoming April A-Z Challenge. Hope to get acquainted.

    1. Yes, that means competition. I might not know all the technical aspects, but I know when there's a good dance happening. They manage to make it look effortless and like they're in tune with each other.


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