Monday, March 30, 2015

I need a weekend.

Ugh, these competition weekends are killer!  I can only imagine how these kids who are actually dancing feel afterward!

So anyhooo, this one was the Edge Nat'l Talent Comp and yeah, our studio won't be going back to this one.  The adjudicated and overall scoring was stupid, they jumped all over the program insanely so you were afraid to leave to use the bathroom (or get a drink because the door Nazis kept a close eye to make sure you didn't take anything into the auditorium) and I don't know what they hell they were doing during awards.

But they did let you take your own pictures during routines, so that's a plus in my book.  If I'd known I would have taken my real camera, so these are off my phone.  My fave pics from each dance Miss Angela was in...

Contemporary "A Walk In The Park"
High Gold (based on points) and 1st place trophy but didn't place overall in the small groups.
The judges were clearly blind.  They were phenomenal. 

Jazz Duet "Cold Hearted Snake"
High gold (based on points) & 1st place ribbons
didn't place overall

 Jazz Solo "Sophisticated Lady"
High Gold (based on points)
 Of course I'm biased, I thought she did awesome.  Her first solo! 

 Small Group Jazz "She Bangs"
High Gold (based on points)
They were not happy with themselves - lots of mistakes.  
This is the only good pic I got since there was always at least 1 girl not with the rest. 
This is a pretty cool optical illusion, tho!
Small Group Hiphop "Bounce"
High gold (based on points) with a 1st place trophy, 4th place overall
 driving the bus! 
Small Group Tap "Grown Woman"
High gold (based on points) with a 1st place trophy, 2nd place overall
The ending pose - they're not flipping people off - they're supposed to be like Rosie the Riveter, hence the bandannas on their heads. 
The 4 girls kneeling are the graduating seniors this year.  I'm willing to bet $$ that this will be the last dance at the recital and Terina the studio owner will cry. 

Angel's hair cracks me up in every routine.  There's another I got from hiphop & her pony tail is straight up.  In her solo, it makes it look like she has horns!

The 16-19 age group for small groups didn't have that many dances, so they did these 3 all within 45 minutes or so.   I had left the auditorium to look for her, but heard one of the little girls was coming on soon to do her solo, so I went back in.  When Jaden was done, Angel appeared in front of me and told me she needed ice.  She partially popped her hip out of the socket....during jazz!  And she did 2 more dances after that!

Luckily my partner is crime Laura had that happen to her before and was able to tell Angel what to do.  But sometime before awards, she got it popped back in so she could walk with minimal limping.  She texted me from school this morning to say it still hurt pretty bad and to ask me if I could call the doc for her if it didn't feel better in a few days.  Pfft.  I called the doctor's office as soon as it opened!  But I'm not able to get her in til tomorrow.  I did make sure to email her weight training / fitness teacher to let her know - it's a good thing since they were supposed to run a mile today!

So anyhooo - she survived class tonight.  She did what she could and even her teacher heard her hip pop again.  In fact she just came in to show me a floor burn on her butt cheek (one of the many dance hazards! - this time from a game they were playing) and as she climbed off my bed, it popped again.  Still taking her in tomorrow.

OMG, we're starting summer plans!  Vacation to Virginia Beach, Angel's graduation party, etc, etc, etc!  Things to plan.   Randy texted me about something this morning and it made my day at work pretty much useless!  I wanted to start researching & making lists but I needed to actually WORK.  He's going to plan the route &  I will be putting my 2 cents in about where we stop to explore.  DC, baby!

I feel some puppy eyes staring at me and hot breath on my leg, so I guess I need to go take Jack outside.  Later!


  1. I know you are a proud mama even if the girls didn't win all they could. Cute costumes!

    1. I am so proud of every kid in that studio! I think they're all awesome!

  2. Oh I remember those weekends! For us dancers we were totally drained the last night once everything died down, but it was such a rush. So many memories!

    1. Angel is pretty sure that rush is what got her thru those last 2 dances with her hip being out. I sure couldn't tell anything was wrong with her. She was in bed and old cold by 9pm that night. I told her there was no shame!


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